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Personal Styling

Change your style; change your life with this A-list caliber styling service. During this custom styling experience you will work directly with Nainika to determine your own personal style. Your personal styling package will also include a consultation, closet cleanse, custom style boards and a custom lookbook filled with head-to-toe looks for your future reference.

Virtual Styling

Don’t have time for personal styling secession? Then virtual styling may be for you. Through the magic of technology, we can help you develop your new sense of style in the comfort of your own home. Your virtual styling experience will include an online style consultation, custom style boards, and a shopable custom look book filled with head-to-toe looks.

The Style Prevue
The Style Prevue

Personal Shopper

Wouldn’t you love your own personal stylist? Even better, your own Nainika Sharma personal shopper. We are ready to help take the stress out of your shopping, based on our knowledge of key brands and trends in fashion . Whether you’re seeking style advice for a complete wardrobe makeover or assistance with everyday requests, the Personal Shopper Service is the ultimate way to shop.

So how does it work? A typical personal-shopper gig begins with an interview to determine a client's needs, sometimes amplified by a written personality test, as well as his or her personal preferences when it comes to style and color. Next, our personal stylist may simply advise the client about brands, colors and other wardrobe issues. It's about increasing exposure to product. During a personal shopping appointment, a customer is introduced to more products that they would otherwise consider. Personal shoppers do the leg-work to find product based on a client’s budget, tastes and the occasion for which they may be shopping.

Bridal and Trousseau

A unique offering to help every bride-to-be start her new life stylishly. We help put together a list of must haves with wardrobe staples that are timeless and classic and are definite trousseau buys. Advice on different looks for a wedding to pre-wedding occasions to honeymoon styled looks - everything you would need to pack for that special vacation. We will hook you up with the top notch people in the business from makeup to mendhi, from nutritionist to spas. Our aim is to offer a service that is truly personal, completely confidential and exclusive. We also offer bride and groom packages in which we pick out the coordination outfits for both bride and groom for their big day. We do offer family packages for the bride’s sister and mother as well.

The Style Prevue
The Style Prevue

Mens Styling

“A man’s wardrobe should be like a Kingdom and his clothes His Armor.”

Men make shopping look like an alien and readily surrender buying what their mom, sister, wife, girl-friends or that pretty sales-girl would convince them. And sadly, this apathy is the reason we don’t see a notably smart-dressed man, much often.

We offer sensible and no-non sense advisory. We hit the dart straight to the target. We illustrate and familiarize you with colours and styles that would enhance your body-type, we offer you to build a well-coordinated wardrobe that has a mix of all clothing and then we guide you how to hit the “bull’s eye” of dressing sharp.

Guiding you throughout from your wardrobe assessment to your personal shopping.

Closet Evaluation

We come straight to you and storm your closet to find the gold that’s already there. You never know what gems are hiding in there, little sneaks. We help you discover those forgotten or unworn pieces and maximize your current wardrobe by pairing them with other stealthy hidden treasures. Cheapest fashion makeover ever!

Unfortunately, some people have more of a toxic dump situation in their wardrobes rather than secret treasure. Whatever the case is for you, we begin with an initial consultation, where we learn about you, your lifestyle, and your image goals. Then we work through your wardrobe. We establish pieces that work well for you, determine your body type and correct fit, and clear out unsuitable pieces. We'll give you honest, insightful feedback on what's happening with you and your closet.

We then show you how to create stylish outfits from your existing wardrobe. We can even help you with making the most of your accessories and shoes with your outfits. We'll guide you to understanding how to dress confidently for your lifestyle.

We will identify the gaps in your wardrobe and create a Shopping List Guide of what you need to purchase to complete your new outfits and attain your image goals. You will find this process life changing, epiphany filled, and liberating.

The Style Prevue

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